Below are the FAQs for Paddle and Strum when we first offered ukulele lessons on a paddleboard during the summer of 2018 in Longmont, Colorado.

If you want to hire Paddle and Strum, please visit our Booking Page on this website and contact Jodie Lee at 303-453-9363 or info@paddleandstrum.com to make arrangements!


I have my own paddleboard! Is there a reduced rate?

Yes! Class fee will be $25.  

Contact Jodie Lee directly at 303-453-93643 or info@paddleandstrum.com to arrange payment. 

I have my own waterproof ukulele. Is there a reduced rate for renting only a paddleboard?

Yes! Visit the RMP website to reserve your paddleboard! And then, please contact Jodie directly at 303-453-9363 or info@paddleandstrum.com so she knows to bring music lesson materials for you. 

Can people of all ages attend this awesome class?

YES!!! Kids and kid-like adults over age 5 tend to love it most!! We’ll be playing soprano-sized ukuleles and they are small enough for little hands.

Will playing ukulele hurt my fingertips? I played guitar once and ouch!

Ukuleles have nylon strings that don’t cause calloused fingertips until you’re rockin’ out for HOURS in one sitting!!! It’s an ideal beginner-friendly instrument. 

I’m so creative I have questions or ideas not covered here! What am I gonna do?

Contact Jodie Lee directly at 303-453-9363 or info@paddleandstrum.com 

Jodie is a massage therapist, so she is often listening to lullabies in a quiet office and is rarely sitting by a ringing phone. Do try to be patient and allow a 24-hour response time. It’ll be faster than that, but if you allow 24 hours in your mind, you’ll be thrilled when she calls you a little bit sooner.

How will I know where to go?

When you enter the Union Reservoir, the first thing you’ll see is Rocky Mountain Paddleboard. Park your car and head toward that building. They’ll begin their Paddleboard class promptly at 6:00pm, so it’s best for you arrive 15 minutes early.